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Hi, I’m Natasha.

Welcome to our creative website, where I will introduce you to all the fun, creative and crazy things we get up to.

I am a wife and a mother to my 3 children and 2 dogs. I am also a freelance crochet and knitting designer and maker, so you can imagine how chaotic it can get in our house.

Check out our About Us page for more information about us and what we do.

I hope this brings you creative joy and inspiration.

Let’s get yarning and creative!

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All About Us and Our Creative Journey

Bobble and Knit is a household where unique and individuality lives, and perfection and normal does not! We love to be different, some might say that I even go out of my way to be different on purpose. We like to inspire and be inspired. There is nothing better than achieving this through creative ways and means, and by being yourself. So, welcome to the place of expression and inspiration for anything creative. I upload to this website and post on social media as often as I can. I create posts about crochet, knitting, sewing, writing and literacy inspiration, as well as art inspiration and software reviews. I also have the Bobble and Knit Book Club, with book reviews for any books that I think will inspire you. I do not focus on new releases because I want to be varied and different from other book clubs and bring light to books that you may not have known existed before.

Above everything, we are all about family (all be it a small one) - 2 adults, 3 children and 2 dogs.  My children are -  Kayleigh, who is the oldest at 15 and she is the only girl. Then there is Kameron, who is 9 and fanatical about Action Man and Minecraft. Our youngest is Korey who is 8 and obsessed with computers and Minecraft. They are each very different but have some of the same interests as well.  The boys, being so close in age, act like twins most of the time. They tend to talk at the same time and laugh at the same things. They play Minecraft, Terraria, RoBloks and all the games that the majority of YouTubers play. They even record some of their own videos. I definitely share their love of Action Man, GI Joe, Monster Trucks and general boyish behaviour. Kayleigh is the complete opposite. Her life is all about painting, drawing, colouring, writing poems and stories, designing, fashion, general making and doing. She uses her computer solely for music videos and watching YouTubers like Zoella, the SacconeJoly’s and Sprinkle of Glitter. Kayleigh is also very much a ‘mini-me’ in her looks, the way that she loves to be different and doesn't believe in doing things just because everyone else is.  They each inspire everything I do. We are all very close and because we spend every day together we know each other very well - and I LOVE that! You can ask any one of my kids what my favourite colour is or what my dream car is and they don’t have any problems answering correctly. They also have no problems telling people all the crazy stuff I do as well, but I guess that goes with the territory. Our craziness brings a lot of laughter and creativity into our lives.

A bit about me………..

I am Natasha and have always been creative and crafty, ever since I was a kid. In 2012, we decided to home school all 3 children and this sparked my creative side again.  We were painting, making and creating all sorts of things. From origami to and trebuchets, we were CREATIVELY CRAZY. This led Kayleigh to write poems, which in turn inspired me to do the same, along with writing stories as well. In 2014, I started sewing, cross stitching and I taught myself how to crochet. Well I say “taught myself” but really I used books and learnt from YouTubers like Bella Coco, Naztazia, Expression Fibre Arts, so technically you could say they taught me. Then in 2015, I also taught myself how to knit, or rather the videos from Chandi at Expression Fibre Arts did. I mostly think of an idea and then make it up as I go along. I have achieved blankets, teddies, a toy tent, Action Man clothes, 2 very large Bing bunnies and Christmas hats. I’m now drawn to everything yarn related, yarn obsessed even, and can’t quite keep up with myself. The kids aren’t complaining, though, because they are getting loads of toys and fun blankets out of it. I have now turned my hand to crochet and knitting designing and making, so I am now a freelance crochet and knitter.

I am the sort of person who likes to be as cost effective as I can. Saving a penny is as important as a saving a pound. I work out all my finances a year in advance so I know exactly where my money should be going. This makes keeping my finances in check a high priority and, from my blog, you will see that one way I achieve this is through my LOVE of a FREEBIE!  From library books to apps, I feel why pay for something if it is (legally) available for free. In addition to this, I shop in charity shops and hunt around for the best price of products before purchasing. I occasionally treat myself but only on special occasions or if I have saved up for something in particular. I never spend beyond my means and this is something I am instilling in my children. They earn their pocket money by doing household chores and, trust me, if they don’t do the work they don’t get their money! They then get to choose how they spend their money, with helpful guidance from us. They know how to save up for things they really want and do not ask us for anything. The only time we really buy the kids anything is for birthdays, Christmas and clothes and shoes. The rest of the time they buy for themselves and they get such satisfaction out of it. They also choose second hand items over brand new because it saves money. They even give money to charity every month. Kayleigh and Kameron currently donate to Save The Children and Korey donates to WWF where he has adopted a Snow Leopard and a Jaguar. This was completely their own choice that came out of the blue a few years ago when they saw an advert on the TV about children who need help in life. They all cried and said “We need to help them!” So we told them ways they could help and they chose to donate money monthly. I am very proud of them and the decisions they make.

As a mum, I’m the sort of parent who encourages my kids to jump on the sofa and beds. I taught them how to skid across the floor in slippers, on pillows and drag each other around on blankets. We have also been known to do break dancing and gymnastics in the living room, and put mattresses on the stairs to slide down on - including me! I guess you could say I am the creator of the craziness. My creativity is never wasted. On top of this, we all love quads, ATV’s, dirt bikes and anything else that involves speed, noise and mess.  Although, we don’t get to enjoy it as much as we would like.

Another thing we enjoy as a family is movie/TV time. Our favourites are Britain’s Got Talent, X-Factor, Fast and Furious, Mission Impossible, James Bond (Kameron loves these, especially the Sean Connery and Daniel Craig ones), G.I. Joe, Action Man, Home Improvement, Knight Rider, and A-Team. At Christmas we have The Santa Clause trilogy, Christmas with the Kranks, and loads of other traditional ones. Kayleigh and I have been enjoying my love of Charmed, Miss Marple, Murder She Wrote, The Matrix, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Partners in Crime, not to mention The Big Bang Theory. We have also very recently been sharing a love for Keeping Up Appearances and Jeeves & Wooster.

Surprisingly, I do enjoy some quiet activities too. I absolutely love reading myself and to my children, even though they are getting a bit old for it now. We have had so much fun over the years with books and are the sort of family that spends hours in the library or a book shop. I am a huge Milly Johnson fan and my favourite books to read to the kids are Alfie by Shirley Hughes and My Brother’s Famous Bottom by Jeremy Strong. The love of reading goes hand in hand with writing. It is just nice sometimes to express yourself through written words, from the simplest of things like a shopping list to the more personal of things like poems and stories. I find writing to be quite a good release, an allowance to express myself in any way I like and without judgement. Even if I’m not very good at it, I still enjoy it and have fun with it! I especially enjoy being inspired by my children. It’s like I’m writing out my memories of them and the way they are.  It’s a wonderful family keepsake.

I think you can see there is so much to our family life and we have so many different interests it’s hard to keep track. But by reading my website you will get to know us, what we are all about and where all my creative inspiration comes from.

I hope it brings you creative joy and inspiration.

Let’s get yarning and creative.

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Creativity is a wonderful form of expression. It is extremely relaxing and calming for most people.  You can be creative in many ways, including painting, drawing, crafting, knitting, crocheting, writing, reading, drama, dance, singing, film, animation, motion capture, photography and so much more (as if that list wasn’t long enough!). It enables you to perceive the world in new and different ways, and be inspired and imaginative.

One of the greatest gifts of creativity is being able to use it to inspire others. That is my wish for this site - to be a source of inspiration for your imaginative and creative ways.

I hope it brings you creative joy!

Let’s get creative!

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