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We hope to inspire your creativity with the projects we share here. We are home schoolers and love to be different, learn new things and have fun. We try to be as open minded as possible and when people say you should do something in a certain way, we ask why? Why should we follow suit? We are all unique and process things in different ways, so we should be free to express ourselves in our own way.

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I hope this brings you creative joy and inspiration.

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Art Inspiration - Tea Stained Ink Drawings by Kayleigh

Recently for my CTEC Art course I had to learn how to use ink with different drawing techniques to create fine art pieces. I had to do this based on an artist called Henry Moore as they were a response to his work/style. These pieces are more like fashion illustrations than the kind of things that Henry would have created.

I felt like experimenting with tea staining to create my backgrounds, so I used two tea bags, let them soak in boiled water and then rubbed them across the surface of some pieces of card. After letting these dry overnight, I used a quill and some ink to illustrate them. Three of the illustrations are dresses that include cross-hatching and scribbled line techniques. I have also used clear, bold outlines to display the main shapes of the dresses. The fourth illustration is of a boot that has a personal meaning behind it. I have included a long shadow to show that the sun is low, perhaps early evening, I have also used cross-hatching and long slow lines to create texture, as well as Henrys technique of scribble lines (that he used for his sheep) to create the fur at the top of the boot. The boot has a heart embellished on it and it looks as though it is leaking ink onto the ground (almost like it is weeping tears).

I prefer these four illustrations to other illustrations that I have created for this course as these are more personal and unique to my creative style.

I believe that using other artists work for inspiration is useful but then turning it around and making it completely your own is better!

May all your crafting wishes come true…


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Bobble and Knit - Art Inspiration - Tea Staining Bobble and Knit - Art Inspiration - Tea Staining Bobble and Knit - Art Inspiration - Tea Staining Bobble and Knit - Art Inspiration - Tea Staining Bobble and Knit - Art Inspiration - Tea Staining Bobble and Knit - Art Inspiration - Tea Staining