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We hope to inspire your creativity with the projects we share here. We are home schoolers and love to be different, learn new things and have fun. We try to be as open minded as possible and when people say you should do something in a certain way, we ask why? Why should we follow suit? We are all unique and process things in different ways, so we should be free to express ourselves in our own way.

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I hope this brings you creative joy and inspiration.

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BOOK REVIEW  (By Natasha 07/11/16) - Shopaholic to the Rescue By Sophie Kinsella


“Shopaholic to the Rescue” is the sequel to “Shopaholic to the Stars” from the “Shopaholic” series. After moving to Hollywood for her husband’s job, Becky Brandon is caught up in a bucket load of drama. She now has to go on a rescue mission to find her dad and her best friends husband because they think Bryce, a dodgy character from Golden Peace, has kidnapped them and wants to take all their money. They are loaded up in an RV - Becky, her husband, Luke, their daughter, Minnie, Becky’s looney mum, Becky’s mum’s looney best friend, Becky’s best friend, Suze, and Alicia, who Becky absolutely despises but Suze has brought her along. They are travelling to Las Vegas because they think it is where the missing men are. However, it is met with much drama, blackmail, self-discovery and finding out answers to all the questions they all have at the beginning of the trip. There is even a visit to a County Fair. Will they all find the answers they are looking for?


I never wanted to read the Shopaholic series before because I saw the movie first and it put images in my head of what the characters look like and what the storyline is, so it spoilt the idea of reading them. However, my son bought me “Shopaholic to the Stars” for my birthday, which I read. But, I was really frustrated that it ended on a cliffhanger that was continued in this book, “Shopaholic to the Rescue”. I was lucky because my son then bought me it for Christmas so I could satisfy my craving to find out what happened.

I am a fan of Sophie Kinsella and I have read many of her other books, which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend. However, “Shopaholic to the Rescue” just was as fulfilling for me. I really only read this one because I wanted answers from the first one. Had my son not bought it for me, I probably wouldn’t even own it yet, because even though I wanted answers, I didn’t really enjoy the first one that much. It is one of those books that you keep reading just because you want to know what happens and you can’t just skip to the end because everything is revealed in stages throughout the book.

If you are a fan of the “Shopaholic” series then you will love this book, but my own opinion is I wouldn’t recommend it.

Shopaholic to the Rescue By Sophie Kinsella

gets the

Bobble and Knit Book Club

2 out of 5

Happy reading our Book Club friends.

We hope this brings you creative joy and inspiration.

Let’s get reading!

Bobble and Knit - Book Club Book Review - Shopaholic to the Rescue Bobble and Knit - Book Club Book Review - Shopaholic to the Rescue