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Hi, I’m Natasha.

Welcome to our creative website, where I will introduce you to all the fun, creative and crazy things we get up to.

I am a wife and a mother to my 3 children and 2 dogs. I am also a freelance crochet and knitting designer and maker, so you can imagine how chaotic it can get in our house.

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I hope this brings you creative joy and inspiration.

Let’s get yarning and creative!

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Carnival Heart Pillow by Kayleigh - Pattern Download Details

I have created my first original pattern and it is now for sale on LoveCrochet.com and Ravelry websites in both UK and US terms. I have created both a pixel art graph as well as the full written pattern to follow, all included in the cost.

It is made using dc/sc stitches with James C. Brett ‘Party Time’ and Paintbox Simply Chunky yarns, as well as a 6mm hook. The pillow is about 42cm wide by 40cm tall or 51st by 50st. You can either stuff it or use a readymade cushion pad for inside (I used a cushion pad).

James C. Brett has so many different colourways for Party Time and Paintbox have plenty that will match. They are both reasonably priced so you could choose your own colourway or just take inspiration form this and create your versions.

I named it the Carnival Heart Pillow because the colours make me think of a bright carnival or circus. They are bold but still blend well together as the oranges are almost identical in both yarns which gives it a subtle pattern and a decorative border. Also, I believe using leftover yarn to make projects is a good way to save money and to prevent wasting good yarn, so I have also created a fun jar cosy pattern using the leftover yarn from this project. I called it the Carnival Josy to coincide with the pillow.

I would love to see your creations - tag us in @bobbleandknit or I am now on Ravelry @Kaybobbleandknit. (I hope you are enjoying our re-brand, I actually quite like being a bobble!).

May all your crochet wishes come true…


Pattern Download Details

If you would prefer the PDF Download, you can find it on www.lovecrochet.com through the following links:

UK Version

US Version

I hope this brings you #creativejoyandinspiration.

You can sell anything you make using this pattern but please respect our right as owner of this design and pattern by not redistributing, copying or selling it nor claiming it as your own (FOR FULL TERMS PLEASE SEE OUR “TERMS & CONDITIONS” SECTION).

Let’s get yarning and please share your creations using the hashtag above so we can see what you were inspired to create.

Bobble and Knit - Crochet Carnival Heart Pillow Bobble and Knit - Crochet Carnival Heart Pillow - Front Bobble and Knit - Crochet Carnival Heart Pillow Bobble and Knit - Crochet Carnival Heart Pillow - Back