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We hope to inspire your creativity with the projects we share here. We are home schoolers and love to be different, learn new things and have fun. We try to be as open minded as possible and when people say you should do something in a certain way, we ask why? Why should we follow suit? We are all unique and process things in different ways, so we should be free to express ourselves in our own way.

Check out our About Us page for more information about us and what we do.

I hope this brings you creative joy and inspiration.

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Bobble and Knit - Crochet Christmas Santa Hat with Baubles & Xmas Wreath Bobble and Knit - Crochet Christmas Santa Hat with Stocking & Xmas Tree Bobble and Knit - Crochet Christmas Santa Hat with Santa Motif Bobble and Knit - Crochet Christmas Santa Hat with White Snowflake Bobble and Knit - Crochet Christmas Santa Hat with Camouflage Snowman

Christmas Santa Hats - for the whole family!

Christmas is my favourite time of year and every year we have trouble trying to find a decent Santa hat. So I thought why not make my own and tailor it to each one of us! They definitely all represented each of us. Although, I now need to make new ones because I made these ones in 2014 and the kids have grown out of them.

For the main parts of the hats I followed Donna Wolfe’s hat tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoxBI6Tbkss) on her Naztazia YouTube channel . She explains things so simply and goes slow enough to give plenty of time to pause the video when needed. She starts with the rim of the hat, which suited me as I didn’t know how to start from a magic ring at the time and wanted to get on and make the hats quickly. Can you tell I can be impatient at times but I’m learning to change, honest!

Kameron’s Hat Story

This was the first hat I ever crocheted. Kameron is very specific about what he likes and decided he wanted a camouflage colour snowman. We bought a square of felt from Hobbycraft. For the pompom, Donna Wolfe (Naztazia) shows a neat trick using just your fingers or a fork to make them. I now make all my pompoms this way - Thanks, Donna!

Kayleigh’s Hat Story

Kayleigh loves to be surprised so I decided on a snowflake motif in glittery white yarn because she is drawn to anything glittery (and pink!) and she loves snow. Rather than putting a pompom on the end of Kayleigh’s hat, I crocheted a bell (just to be different!). The pattern for the bell can be found in “20/Twenty to Make: Mini Christmas Crochet” by Val Pierce, which I found in my local library. Another freebie - YAY! Unfortunately, Kayleigh discovered she is allergic to the glittery yarn and had to stop wearing her hat. She doesn’t mind though, it has given her an excuse to ask me to make a new one. Although, as she has been learning to crochet recently I might encourage her to do her own.

Korey’s Hat Story

Korey couldn’t decide at first what to have on his hat. Eventually, he saw a Santa motif in a magazine I had, “Let’s Get Crafting”. This was my first time following a written pattern too. Korey also decided he didn’t want to have a long tail end on his hat, like the others, so I made it shorter. He did want the pompom on the end though.

Dad’s Hat Story

I had free rein on this hat so I picked a wreath tree decoration that I had seen in “20/Twenty to Make: Mini Christmas Crochet” by Val Pierce. I put this on the end of the tail instead of having a pompom. Then, I made up the bauble design using the 2 chain circle method rather than a magic ring.

Mum’s Hat Story

I really wanted a filled stocking on my hat with a tree on the tail. I had seen some tree decorations in “Easy Crochet Weekend” by Nicki Trench, which I found in my local library. Although, I only used the tree and present patterns. The stocking and snowman motifs were ones I made up as I went and I did brave the “magic circle” technique on the snowman. As it turns out, it wasn’t that difficult to master. In the stocking is a teddy bear, a candy cane and a Christmas present. I used the wreath pattern from “20/Twenty to Make: Mini Christmas Crochet” by Val Pierce, and just twisted it into the shape of a candy cane. The tiny teddy I made up myself, with a Santa hat and a red scarf on too.

All in all, a great, fun idea, which is cost effective, usable and easy for beginners. This is one project that has definitely helped me to progress in my learning of crochet. You can see why it is one of my favourites.

The sizes of the hats were not done by measuring heads. Instead, I tried them on each of us as I made them to see if they would fit. The kids were 6, 7 & 13 at the time.

I worked in UK Double Crochet/dc [US Single Crochet/sc] throughout the majority of the hats.

For yarn, crochet hook and abbreviation conversions click - “Crochet Conversion Charts”.


Knitting Essentials Poundland (shade - Red, White, White Sparkle).

Red 6 x 50g (1.75oz/150yds/137m) balls.

White 3 x 50g (1.75oz/150yds/137m) balls.

White Sparkle 1 x 50g (1.75oz/150yds/137m) balls.

Weight category: UK DK [US 3/Light Worsted/DK].

Tension/gauge: 22 stitches x 30 rows = 4″ (10cm) on size 4mm/UK 8 [US G/6] hook.

The crochet hook I used was a 4mm/UK 8 [US G/6], which also came free with a magazine. I do love a FREEBIE!

I would give the Knitting Essentials Poundland yarn 4 out of 5 for the following reasons:-

- It was really easy to work with;

- There is a reasonable choice of colours available (if your local store stocks yarn anymore);

- It is really soft once made up and washed, and is soooo warm and wearable that you can use it as a winter hat - WE DID!

- It is hard wearing because we have used them two years in a row now, they are still in excellent condition and the only reason we won’t be using them this year is because the kids heads are too big!  Although, I will still wear mine!

- The only downside is that it is not the softest yarn around and stock in stores is unreliable, which is why I gave it a four;

- It is very cost effective at £1 per 50g ball, usually on a 3 for 2 offer, making them approx. £0.67p per ball;

- Would I use this yarn again? YES, but not the white glitter yarn.

I used other oddments of yarn that I had free from magazines for motifs and accessories.

I hope this brings you creative joy and inspires you to start your own yarn-tastic journey.

Let’s get yarning!

Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Kameron's Santa Hat Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Kayleigh's Santa Hat Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Korey's Santa Hat Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Mum's Santa Hat Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Dad's Santa Hat Bobble and Knit - Crochet Christmas Santa Hats Bobble and Knit - Crochet Christmas Santa Hat with Teddy Bear in Stocking Bobble and Knit - Crochet Christmas Santa Hat with Xmas Tree