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We hope to inspire your creativity with the projects we share here. We are home schoolers and love to be different, learn new things and have fun. We try to be as open minded as possible and when people say you should do something in a certain way, we ask why? Why should we follow suit? We are all unique and process things in different ways, so we should be free to express ourselves in our own way.

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I hope this brings you creative joy and inspiration.

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Crochet Precious Baby Blanket

The inspiration for this project came from trying to work through my stash without buying any new yarn. I have a lot of balls of the Stylecraft Candy Swirl Yarn in all 8 colorways, which is a lot of yarn to attempt to use up. through making a list of ideas, I kept looking at the La Primavera Blanket covering my sofa with a very calm and satisfying feeling. It is so fresh and breezy, very springtime. Most of all it was the texture and style that the c2c technique gave to the blanket. I had made up some swatches in 2 of the colours, loved how they looked and a baby blanket was born.

We are in a day and age now of where everyone wants to make quick projects. With this in mind, I chose not to make the blanket too big. I originally worked up to 46 blocks before decreasing, but this resulted in having to use a small amount from a third ball of yarn. It seemed ridiculous to have to purchase a third ball when you only needed a tiny amount. It felt like a waste of money. I reworked the blanket using just 45 blocks and then decreasing, which only required 2 balls. Such a simple change for a more cost effective result. While I had been working on it, I calculated the time it was taking me. The total was about 12 hours, but I did get quicker with each one I made. I feel that is a quick time to complete a blanket and means you can have it made in approximately half a day. If you chose to complete it in more than one sitting, as I did, you can have it finished within a week. How great is that?

Now lets talk about the yarn......

I started with the Coconut Ice colourway, which made me think very baby girl style. It was perfect for a newborn baby nursery. I followed this up with the Apple Sours colourway. It's not a colour I would usually go for personally but I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and put myself in other peoples shoes. As the blanket got bigger, I was blown away with how great the colour looked in the c2c technique. The colour co-ordination worked so well together and stood out beautifully on this project. It has even inspired me to make another project, which I have already drawn out the details for. Once the blanket was finished, I was convinced that this would be my focus colour for pictures and promotional advertising. However, I then started on the Fruit Salad colourway and was blown away again. It also happened with the Blueberry Gum and I still have to try it with the last 4 colorways (Liquorice Swirl, Strawberry Taffy, Sugar Plum and Very Berry). I have come to the conclusion that the c2c technique looks fantastic in all the Candy Swirl colourways. This means that no matter what colour you choose it is going to look gorgeous.

The fact that the yarn is a DK yarn is also a bonus, even though chunky yarn is extremely popular at the moment. I feel it gives you so many more project options than chunky yarn. As babies are small and delicate you don't want a heavy yarn item on them. The Candy Swirl yarn is light enough for little ones but still warm and snuggly. Somehow it is also light and airy for warmer weather, so you get so much versatility out of one yarn. Can you tell I'm impressed?

I worked in the c2c technique using UK Treble Crochet/tr [US Double Crochet/dc].

The finiahed size was 71cm by 71cm.

For yarn, crochet hook and abbreviation conversions click - “Crochet Conversion Charts”.

Pattern Download Details

You can purchase the download for the Precious Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern from:


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Stylecraft Candy Swirl Special DK 2 x 150g balls in a colour of your choice.

Weight category: UK DK [US 3/Light Worsted/DK].

Tension/gauge: 22 stitches x 30 rows = 4″ (10cm) on size 4mm/UK 8 [US G/6] hook.

The crochet hook I used was an 4mm/UK 8 [US G/6].

I give the Stylecraft Candy Swirl Special DK yarn 5 out of 5 for the following reasons:-

- It is amazing to work up;

- There is a good range of colours;

- It is wonderfully soft for a DK yarn;

- The finished result is lightweight, yet warm and cosy;

- It is a great price for a yarn cake – I paid about £6.99 per 150g ball;

- Would I use this yarn again? YES, DEFINITELY.

I hope this brings you #creativejoyandinspiration.

You can sell anything you make using this pattern but please do not copy or sell it, nor pass it off as your own (FOR FULL TERMS PLEASE SEE OUR “TERMS & CONDITIONS” SECTION).

Let’s get yarning and please share your creations with me on social media using the hashtag above, so that we can see what you were inspired to create.

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