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We hope to inspire your creativity with the projects we share here. We are home schoolers and love to be different, learn new things and have fun. We try to be as open minded as possible and when people say you should do something in a certain way, we ask why? Why should we follow suit? We are all unique and process things in different ways, so we should be free to express ourselves in our own way.

Check out our About Us page for more information about us and what we do.

I hope this brings you creative joy and inspiration.

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Crochet Suzetta Bag - Pattern Download, Crochet Kit and Bag Purchase Details Here

The inspiration for this bag came from 2 places. The first being from the popularity of my Simple Bag Crochet Pattern. The second being Emma Potters’ (from Potter and Bloom) love for the Suzette stitch. She had made a bag for Crochet Now magazine and spoke about it on her YouTube podcast. When I saw it I knew it looked familiar. Then when she explained how the stitches were worked, I realised that I had worked a similar stitch pattern in a square for my Practice Squares Blanket. The stitch in particular was the Griddle Stitch, which I found in 250 Basic Stitches to Crochet by Erika Knight. I absolutely love the style of these types of stitches, so I put it together with my Simple Crochet Bag pattern and the Suzetta Bag was born.

I love the versatility of this type of bag because you can customise it in so many ways. By keeping the beginning and end of the bag the same, you can just add a stitch pattern of your choice to the middle. By changing the colours you can theme it to anything you want, such as pastel yellows, greens, blues, etc for Easter, orange, blacks and purples for Halloween, or reds and greens for Christmas. Small children would probably love using the bag to play shopping games with. You could even use it for giving gifts in for a real personal touch. The choices are endless. I have crocheted many of my Simple Bag (I love them that much!) I use them as project bags for my crochet and knitting WIP’s, for storage, and as a handbag to keep tissues, keys and other bits and pieces in when I go out. I have had many comments when I have taken a bag out and have been asked if I had thought about selling them because they are lovely looking bags! This really has planted a seed in my brain now! I have started with the pattern (see details below). I have started choosing colours and making some of the bags, then I may start selling the completed product for those of you that don’t want to make it yourself. So, WATCH THIS SPACE.

I crocheted in the round in UK Half Treble Crochet/htr [US Half Double Crochet/hdc] and alternating UK Double Crochet/dc [US Single Crochet/sc] with UK Treble Crochet/tr [US Double Crochet/dc] for the Griddle Stitch pattern. The handle I made by simply skipping a certain number of stitches and chaining across to a stitch after the skipped stitches.  Then crocheted into the chain space on next round.

For yarn, crochet hook and abbreviation conversions click - “Crochet Conversion Charts”.

Pattern Download, Crochet Kit and Bag Purchase Details

You can purchase the PATTERN from either:

My Etsy Store

My Ravelry Store



You can purchase the Suzetta Bag CROCHET KIT from:

My Etsy Store


You can purchase the HANDMADE Suzetta Bag from:

My Etsy Store



Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky (shade - Seafoam and Champagne White).

1 (each colour) x 100g (3.5oz/153yds/140m) balls.

Weight category: UK Chunky [US 5/Bulky/Chunky].

Tension/gauge: 14 stitches x 20 rows = 4″ (10cm) on size 6mm/UK 4 [US J/10] hook.

The crochet hook I used was a 6mm/UK 4 [US J/10].

I would give the Paintbox Yarns a 5 out of 5 for the following reasons:-

- It was easy to work and worked up quickly;

- There is a large choice of colours available;

- The feel of it was extremely soft;

- The cost of yarn is very reasonable - I paid about £2.25 per 100g ball and you get a lot on a ball;

- Would I use this yarn again? YES, DEFINITELY. THIS IS MY FAV YARN!

I hope this brings you #creativejoyandinspiration.

You can sell anything you make using this pattern but please do not copy or sell it, nor pass it off as your own (FOR FULL TERMS PLEASE SEE OUR “TERMS & CONDITIONS” SECTION).

Let’s get yarning and please share your creations with me on social media using the hashtag above, so that we can see what you were inspired to create.

Bobble and Knit - Crochet Suzetta Bag Bobble and Knit - Crochet Suzetta Bag Bobble and Knit - Crochet Suzetta Bag - project bag Bobble and Knit - Crochet Suzetta Bag Bobble and Knit - Crochet Suzetta Bag Bobble and Knit - Crochet Suzetta Bag Bobble and Knit - Crochet Suzetta Bag Bobble and Knit - Crochet Suzetta Bag Bobble and Knit - Crochet Suzetta Bag